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Discover the transformative power of Generative AI tailored for senior living. In this transformative era, technology is our compassionate companion, making everyday tasks seamless and interactive. Watch how ‘Steve’ starts his day a bit differently, with AI intuitively lighting up his world, tuning into his favorite morning vibes, and even offering real-time, health-conscious advice.

Judy Miller, Tech Innovation Lead at Parker Healthcare, Reveals How Data Dashboards Revolutionize Senior Care. 

Kay Loricka, Informatics Nurse at Parker Health Group, Unveils How OwlHealth&Care’s Business Intelligence Powers Data-Driven Patient Care. 

Watch Steve Unveil OwlHealth&Care’s Role in Parker Health’s Digital Transformation—Unlocking Cost Savings Through Data.

Discover Key Takeaways from LeadingAge NJ & DE 2023 EXPO’s Breakout Session with Steve Moran & Top Industry Leaders. Gain Insights on:

  • Data & Business Intelligence for Senior Living
  • AI’s Transformative Role
  • Real-world Challenges & Solutions
  • Impact on Staff Decision-Making

Facing staffing challenges in the US long-term care market? Dive into OwlHealth&Care’s data-driven solutions to optimize workforce management, reduce turnover, and elevate your business. 

Explore Fall Rates Across Senior Care Facilities: Understand Causes and Equip Quality Professionals to Implement Effective Care Plans.